Persian Immigration Consultants Association of Canada (PICAC) is a non-profit body free from any and all types of political, religious predispositions and is solely and exclusively focused on professional activities.


Establishing connection among, coordinating, and unifying the immigration consultants for the purpose of:

  • Protection of occupational interests of the association through:
    • Creation of strong occupational relationship among the Consultants through correspondence, discussions, conversations, electronic correspondence, Internet, other mass media, exchange of views, as well as holding periodic meetings working towards establishment of constructive occupational relations for the purpose of attaining the required professional coordination.
    • Encouraging fair competition among the Consultants through enhancing the Members' knowledge and understanding of professional issues and helping them recognize the ethical requirements for observation and pushing their standard level up to par.
    • Attracting a greater number of Consultants residing in Canada or overseas to join the Association and encouraging them to observe the code of ethics as stipulated and ratified in the Association Articles.
    • Promote Applicants' awareness with respect to the advantages of using the services of Consultants authorized by The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and avoiding unauthorized individuals rendering immigration services.
  • Dissemination of technical and professional information related to the field of immigration consultancy among consultants aimed at enhancing their level of professional expertise that will directly impact the reinforcement of (A4) clause.
  • Creation of an occupational entity in order to join other similar and active associations with the intention of furthering Consultants' interest and lobbying for their occupational concerns with the authorities and administrative, judicial and financial organizations, institutes, companies, real or legal entities, The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)) and/or parallel Associations.
  • Promoting required liaison among government and non-government organizations, associations, IRCC and other corresponding ministries aimed at furthering the Members' occupational rights.
  • Familiarizing the pertinent administrative bodies with the format and nature of legal documents in Iran today, as well as the ability and limitations that typical Iranian Immigration applicants encounter to acquire and submit the required documentations to the authorities.