PICAC Membership

Applicants must send their CVs along with their completed Application Form to the membership committee.


Membership Committee will review all of the applications in the following manner:

  1. Ensuring that the applicant is a The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) member.
  2. Reviewing current membership status of the applicant in parallel organizations such as CAPIC, etc.
  3. Reviewing the applicant's professional experience, particularly in matters related to immigration to Canada.
  4. Reviewing the applicant's current and previous membership in other organizations and entities such as occupational, scientific, economic, political, religious, ethnic, and other national and international bodies.
  5. Reviewing the applicant's good social conduct.
  6. High proficiency in Farsi Language is a must as a membership requirement.
  7. Reporting the result of the evaluation to the Board of Directors. In case of approval of the result of the evaluation by the Board, comments of Membership Committee will be reported to other Association members so that the Board of Directors becomes informed of the viewpoints of all members prior to acceptance of the applicant's request for membership.